NAPA ports general assembly


Venice, 16th December 2013 –  Napa Ports, satisfied for infrastructural objective reached in the present European process for the adoption of the new Ten-T and CEF (Connecting Europe Facility), signed today in Venice the  Memorandum of Understanding in order to define a new strategic Master plan for ports development. The plan pinpoints infrastructural priority and needs in a common proposal to present to EU Institutions and Member States.

The first objective is “to exploit the unique historical opportunity to make our voice heard and to be ready to become the core ports network as the European network requires”. The new strategic agenda propose concrete initiatives with the aim to take advantage of ongoing debate on the European and national Port Policy to increase ports cooperation and Napa services efficiency.

The possible grow in terms of container market , according estimations from market studies, shall be about three times the present volume of container handled in the North Adriatic Ports, e.g. from 2 to 6 Million TEUs within 2030”, as written in the Memorandum signed today.

This is to be considered as an achievable target only if the North Adriatic Ports will exploit its full geographic potential, assuming the full coverage of a 300-degree potential market, in a range between 300 and 500 kilometers from the ideal Center of the North Adriatic Sea, from Rome to Sarajevo, via Milan, Lyon, Basel, Monaco, Vienna, Budapest, Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade. The pre-condition needed for this scenario is that the North Adriatic Ports reach an infrastructure and efficiency levels as high as to make it profitable for ocean going vessel to call both the Eastern North Adriatic ports and the Western ones”.

The Memoradum ratify the sharing and the mutual support of all infrastructural projects of each ports.

In order to achieve all these priorities and to strength cooperation, Napa Ports will check constantly all opportunities to participate jointly to European calls, as for the Its Adriatic Multiport Gateway project co-funded by European Ten-T Agency for the creation of a common ICT ports system.


With the aim to reduce emissions and contribute to create efficient and sustainable logistic chains, Napa ports will apply for EU grants to address common environmental challenges at NAPA level, within the framework of the “2020 EU Strategy” (e.g. use of alternative fuels and LNG).


In order to harmonize ports regulations and services, Napa Ports will continue to study and create new ICT solutions, as done in the recent past for the ITS Multiport Gateway Project. The goal is to create a useful network and a single gateway to enter in Europe from South: “Napa are four dock of one port”.


NAPA members will promote a common proposals also to apply for EU grants, in order to carry out different studies and scientific analyses on the key issues in the NAPA port’s development and organizational framework, in order to improve the competitive position of each port and NAPA association within the European logistics.

This strategic objective has been made even more feasible with the support of the European infrastructure policy, that by reviewing and redesigning the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) has foreseen the deployment of the Core Network Corridors (CNC) Baltic-Adriatic and Mediterranean by 2030.

Following new studies and tendencies, Napa ports will jointly support and sponsor NAPA to potential markets, so to exploit the full potential of being recognized by international shippers and logistic operators as a valid southern multiport gateway to/from European markets; and a follow up studies on competitive markets for the North Adriatic gateway.

Finally Napa Assembly informed that the Ten-T agency co-funded the NAPADRAG project, presented by Venice and Koper, whit 1.2 million euros (532.000 euros for the port of Venice) in order to implement nautical accessibility of the two ports.

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