NAPA 1-3Q 2011 throughput

NAPA ports looking optimistically towards the end of the year

Northern Adriatic Ports connected to the region of Carinthia

The future cooperation of the Northern Adriatic Ports Association and expansive Austrian logistic transport center Villach–Furnitz was discussed at the international workshop „Five stars crossing the Alps“ in Klagenfurt in Austria.

NAPA on port conference in Chennai

On November 3rd 2011 representatives of NAPA ports attended the conference »India Port expansion and capacity upgrading« was held in Chennai, India.

Northern Adriatic Ports connected with India

Shippowner Sermar Line and Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) established the container feeder connection beetwen Northern Adriatic and India.

EU allocates 1.4 million euros to North Adriatic Ports IT project

The project anticipates the integration of the ports' information systems in the context of a single uniform system that will allow more effective coordination between ports.

North Adriatic - bridge between Europe and Asia

The North Adriatic Ports Association attended between 10th and 13th May the Transport & Logistics Fair in Munich – the largest such fair in Europe, with nearly 1,900 participants from 59 countries.

NAPA at Transport & Logistic Muenchen 2011

The first exhibition of NAPA on the European continent

Trieste at the head of NAPA

Marina Monassi, President of the Trieste Port Authority, shall run Napa for the first semester of 2011.

Maritime throughput of NAPA ports in 2010

Cargo flows of five ports for the last three years