NAPA – North Adriatic Ports Association

Europe is Getting Closer!

About NAPA

The five NAPA seaports are located at the northern tip of Adriatic sea, a natural waterway that penetrates deep into the middle of the European continent, thus providing the cheapest naval route from the Far East via Suez to Europe with a distance that is about 2,000 Nm shorter than other North-European ports.

More than 100 million tonnes of water-borne cargo are handled in the NAPA seaports every year. The cargo consists mainly of general cargo, containers, cars, ores and minerals, fossil fuels, chemicals and others types of cargo.

Due to huge variety of logistic services and the extensive traffic network, NAPA forms a perfect multimodal gateway to the key European markets. The near-by fifth Pan-European transport corridor provides a quick-link to 500 million European consumers. Large commercial and industrial hubs like Vienna, Munich and Milan are just few hours drive away.

The four entities combine their strengths in order to promote the Northern Adriatic route and present themselves as an alternative to the North-European ports. In addition, the association anticipates cooperation in the development of maritime and hinterland connections, visits from cruise lines, environmental protection, safety and information technology. The ports of NAPA will also invest efforts into the coordinated planning of road, rail and maritime infrastructure, as well as the harmonisation of regulations and procedures in the field of port service provision.

Comparison of European Ports:

Total throughput of cargo in million of tonnes, 2015:

NAPA Ports113.9

Comparison of Container Traffic in million TEUs, 2015:

NAPA Ports2.1

The Vision of NAPA

“The NAPA will form a European logistics platform, in particular with regard to servicing the markets of the Far East as well as Central and Eastern Europe.”

The Green Way to Europe

The shorter sea voyage provides significant savings in CO2 emissions.

Carbon emission comparison for 1 container (TEU) with gross weight 18 ton:

fromtodistancetotal CO2 emission
KoreaNorth Adriatic17,400 km2,595 kg
KoreaRotterdam21,345 km2,915 kg

(Shipping one container from Korea to the North Adriatic saves 320 kg of CO2!)