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Koper - top container port in Adriatic

Port of Koper – top container terminal in the Adriatic

A modern, well organised and well equipped multipurpose hub, operating day and night, all year long. The port is the Border Inspection Post for the European Union and the entire area has a Free Zone status.

Nautical Access

The Port of Koper is located on the south coast of the Gulf of Trieste, in the republic of Slovenia, capital Ljubljana. There are 10 terminals in the port area with a total quay length of 3,300 meters.

Port Koper - Loka Koper

The basic activities performed in the Port of Koper are cargo handling and warehousing. They are conducted in 10 terminals specializing in handling and warehousing various types of goods, such as containers, general cargo, foodstuffs, light-perishable goods, livestock, RO-RO, timber, dry bulk and liquid cargoes.

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Key facts
  • 2,800,000 m2 total port area
  • 247,000 m2 of enclosed warehousing
  • 76,000 m2 of covered storage areas
  • 900,000 m2 of open storage areas
  • 3,300 m of quayside
  • 143,000 m3 of shore tanks
  • Max sea depth: 18 m
Key facts

Luka Koper, d.d.
Vojkovo nabrežje 38, 6501 Koper
Tel.:+386 05 66 56 100