Port Development: +200 ha of New Land

The port of Trieste has drawn up a plan for the extensive revision, renewal and extension of the structures (including approx +200 ha of new land), focussing mainly on strengthening five functions:

  • The realization of a modern general cargo terminal (Pier V + Pier VI);
  • The enlargement of the container terminal at Pier VII;
  • The construction of a new container terminal (Pier VIII);
  • The creation of a new RO-RO terminal;
  • The strengthening of the passenger terminal, located in the heart of the city.

The Special Legal Regime of the Free Port of Trieste

The commercial and industrial Port of Trieste benefits from special provisions set by the Paris Peace Treaty of 1947. In relation to the type of operations to be carried out, operators may opt for the most favourable Customs treatment, choosing between the Community Customs procedures and the Free Port regime. According to the special regulations, the Free Port area is considered outside the EU Customs territory.