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7 Good Reasons To Invest In A Conservatory This Year

Conservatories are one of the best ways to add value, space, and more light to your house. In light of the Covid climate and the rules that keep changing, it is a nice way to bring the outdoors in, when we are forced to stay at home, especially if you cannot go on a holiday this year. Now is the ideal excuse and time for such a renovation with KJM Group!

1 They Allow Light In

Health experts claim that exposure to sunlight is good for you since it helps to prevent seasonal affective disorder, and helps your body to produce vitamin D. Building a conservatory can enhance your immune system by allowing more light into your home, especially during the cold and gloomy months of winter.

While a walk outside is often enough, the thought of heading outdoors when it is freezing cold, rainy, and the wind is blowing is not so appealing.

2 Add Another Room To Your Home

Just about everyone would love more space in their homes. Maybe your family has grown and you would like a play area for your kids. Or maybe you are interested in a private space where you can relax since your teenagers have taken over your lounge area.

Regardless of the reason, conservatories add much-needed space. You can convert your conservatory into any room type including an entertainment space, a home office, or an extra dining area.

3 Add Value To Your Home

The competitive housing market means that potential buyers are on the lookout for added value. If your home comes with a well-insulated and comfortable conservatory, this can make your property more attractive to the right buyer.

Buyers are more inclined to buy a property that already has all the added extras or improvements so that they won’t have to invest more money into the property.

An attractive conservatory could push your home up on the list of other homes for sale in your area, and you will probably also achieve your “asking price”.

4 It Will Cost Less Than Moving To Another Home

If you are running out of space, or you no longer like the decor in your home, extending your property with a good-quality conservatory is far cheaper than deciding to move.

With house prices that continue to rise and stamp duty levies, many homeowners are now more likely to stay in their current properties, and add extensions rather than moving.

You can also choose a traditional extension or a loft conversion, but conservatories provide that additional space that you need at a much lower price.

5 Improve Your Garden Space

If you have an outdoor space or patio that you are not really using, erecting a conservatory will improve the way you use your garden and outdoor spaces.

Most homeowners don’t use their gardens to their fullest potential. You will probably spend more time in these spaces when you are able to see what goes on.

6 They Look Great

Conservatories are attractive and visually appealing structures. The added light fills up your home and the glass provides a feeling of light and space.

Provided you keep the roof and the panels clean, a conservatory is an absolute pleasure.

7 You Can Use It Throughout The Year

In previous years conservatories were often unusable during winter due to the extremely cold weather, and way too hot over the summer months.

Thanks to the latest advancements over the years, you can now heat a conservatory with standard radiators or under-floor heating, and install blinds when you want to keep the sunlight out.

If you are concerned that you won’t be using your conservatory due to fluctuations in temperature, it is now easy to address these reasons and stop them from occurring.