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Top Reasons To Join A Pottery Class

It’s Fun

If you will give up your precious downtime doing something new, it should definitely be fun. Making pottery puts you in touch with your primal instincts by working with and creating practical and functional items by hand.

Something about feeling the clay between your fingers is both enjoyable and freeing, taking you back to your childhood years when what it was all about was getting muddy. There is a reason virtually all celebrities are getting in on the action.

The freedom to make whatever you want, even if it isn’t perfect, is also a lot of fun. Pottery classes are all about celebrating imperfection, which means that you no longer need to worry about doing it ‘wrong’ and there’s definitely no pressure to end up with flawless creation since there’s actually no such thing. So, get rid of your inhibitions and start enjoying your pottery class.

You Will Meet Friendly, Like-Minded Individuals

The great thing about joining a pottery class is that you will not only be working alone, in your own small bubble, but also as part of a larger group. Making pottery in a class with others, much like experienced potters who work together in a pottery studio, is an excellent hobby for extroverts and introverts alike.

If you have a creative mind and love to work with your hands, a pottery class can be great for meeting people that have a similar outlook on life with similar interests or to meet people if you have recently moved to a new place.

People often sign up for pottery classes not necessarily because they are eager to make pottery, but as a way to make new friends. The subsequent addiction to making pottery is a bonus. Students will sometimes go for a drink or coffee after a pottery class, so it can be quite a sociable hobby if you would like it to be.

You Have the Opportunity to Be Creative

Creativity means so many things and it can take a variety of forms depending on the individual. Just because you cannot design like Valentino or paint the next Mona Lisa does not mean that you don’t have a creative mind. Often, this is because we lack the opportunity to practice creative activities or thinking since our work today is very corporate or practical.

Creativity is important because it has numerous benefits for the mind. Making pottery benefits your mental well-being, helping you to get rid of stress and work through your emotions. It also creates positive energy since you get to focus on something that you enjoy as opposed to the worries of the day.

Making pottery also increases the plasticity of the brain, stimulating communication between various parts of the brain. A well-connected brain allows you to process information faster as well as better.

An act that involves creativity, like making pottery at pottery class, or even making pottery at home using a home pottery kit, helps focus your mind and can even be compared to meditation because it has a calming effect on the body and mind.

You Have the Chance to Switch-Off

The Myers-Brigg company discovered that the people who are always ‘on’ are far more likely to suffer from high stress, burn-out, and mental exhaustion, which is why it is so important to take a break and switch off fully.