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There is a lot of input put towards property marketing that includes artistic pictures of the property taken from different camera angles and editing of the pictures during post-production to blur out unwanted objects. Some of the things that do not need to be captured in property marketing pictures include waste containers, cars on the driveway, kids’ toys, and cloudy and overcast skies. Please see Fourlabs for all your property marketing needs.

Our goal is to help homeowners realize easy and effective ways to support effective marketing of their property through visual aid like photography and videography. Upon booking an appointment, we send our clients guides on preparing for real estate marketing services before the camera operator crew comes to your property.

Towing away trash containers, thoroughly cleaning the premises, cutting down shrubs, and attending to unmade flower beds are some of the ways you can use to ready your house for marketing photography. Read on to find out how you can help improve your property’s internal and external appearance and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

During house hunting, most home buyers initially rely on pictures and videos (as well as written descriptions) of a listed property to assess its suitability as their ideal family home. Property photos and videos have a strong ability to transmit certain emotions and perceptions to home buyers looking for a good house that feels like home.

As your trusted professionals, we know how to take photographs from creative angles to bring out your property’s strong points while hiding its unpleasant sections, such as unkempt gardens or worn-out structural elements. However, the best way to improve the appearance of your home is to complete the required preparation work before your property marketing services take place.

Most of the tasks necessary to prepare your home for marketing services are easy but will certainly boost your property’s visual qualities to potential buyers.

Preparation of Outside Parts of the Property
The idea is to maintain the outside space as clear as possible for the property pictures and videos to show the extent and design type of the building’s façade and landscape. You may have to move cars away from the driveways and ensure garbage containers, garden equipment, clotheslines, pets, and kids’ toys remain hidden.
Ensure there is a uniform appearance of the property when viewed from outside by closing all windows and doors. However, it would help if you kept all curtains and blinds open. Additionally, please spare time to attend to your home’s flowerbed, cut down long shrubs, and trim the lawn before the camera operator arrives at your property.

For properties with garden furniture, prepare this space by tucking the chairs beneath the table and open up the parasols. In addition, if the weather is good, bring the cushions out – they are an important part of the decor. Remove the swimming pool cover if you have a swimming pool on your property.

Preparation of the Inside Parts of the Property
The main aim of preparing the internal spaces of your home for marketing services is to eliminate the objects that are not part of the property’s core value component. For instance, remove all clutter from the kitchen worktops and keep tea towels, oven gloves, and dish soap locked in cupboards.

Remove pans and drying pots from the draining boards and ensure nothing is left inside the washing machine. Also, remember to keep the washing machine’s door closed though out the marketing service. Also, empty the waste container and ensure no recycling is hanging out.

For bathroom spaces, remove all types of toiletries unless they are a premium brand. Also, unless bathmats and towels are part of the room’s décor, fold them up and keep them out of sight. Draw open the shower curtains in all your home’s bathroom spaces.

Post-production can improve some unsightly property sections of the property photos. However, big water stains and scuffs need strong attention and addressing from the property seller before potential buyers begin physical inspection of the house.

You can undertake other easy tasks to prepare your property for marketing services, including drawing open all curtains and blinds, plumping up of your couch cushions, making straight loose covers, and tucking away cables in the house. A comprehensive cleaning exercise and dusting and polishing glazed and varnished surfaces will also enhance the appearance of your property, as seen in the marketing videos and photos.

Keep all TVs and monitors in the house shut off. However, a lit fire in the fireplace will improve the atmospheric value of your home. Take away all personal and confidential documents, including art and family pictures. Despite our best efforts, there is no guarantee we can completely blur out personal stuff from the property’s marketing photos and videos.

Finally, ensure the space between the floor and the beds in the house is completely clear or covered with a decorative valance that runs to the floor.