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Things That Your Babysitter Would Secretly Like You To Know

From your parenting habits to your personal life, babysitters honestly share what it is really like watching your children.

Make Introductions In Advance

Before I babysit your kids for the very first time, invite me to your house so I can meet your children for a couple of minutes while you are there. If you are unable to do this, show a picture of me to your children in advance. (I can always text one to you). It can really help children feel more comfortable before they are left with me.

Say Goodbye Quickly

If your child suffers from separation anxiety and begins to cry when you are about to leave, get out of the door quickly. Attempting to soothe your child or returning for an additional kiss will just make the crying go on longer. The crying will stop once you leave. Most children will calm down within 10 minutes or even less. (You can always have me text you after he stops if that will make you feel better.)

Leave Me With a List Containing Any Important Information I Need to Know

It can be difficult to remember all of the various details that you throw out 10 minutes before leaving. This is why writing everything down can be so helpful. Along with emergency phone numbers, also include the house rules (Are the children allowed to play on their iPads or eat in the family room?), the complete bedtime routine, the WiFi password, how to use the TV remote, and where to find things such as extra toilet paper.

I Usually Don’t Care When You Return Home

Parents, party as long as you want – that’s more money for me. However, if you are staying out later than you told me, then please let me know. One time there were parents who stayed out all night long and I had another sitting job scheduled for the next morning.

One of the Very Best Perks Are Snacks

If you would like to have a happy sitter, then leave snacks other than organic apple sauce and kale chips, and be sure to tell me I can help myself.

My Bottom Line Is Money

Yes, I do like your children. I might even love them. However, the reason why I am watching them it to earn money. If you tip me or pay me well, I will be a lot more loyal to you and your family. It is much more likely that next time you ask me to watch your children that I will say yes.

Have My Pay Ready Prior to My Arrivals

There have been times when parents have not had the money on hand and needed to raid their children’s piggy banks or wallets to pay me. With technology and its convenience if you are having to rush out the door one thing that can be looked at to be used for monetary reasons is PayrollforNannies.

If You Want Me to Do Your Laundry

You may first want to consider what is in your hamper. I was shocked to discover that the button-up Dad that I was babysitting wears bright coloured briefs.

I Hate When Children Have Really Late Bedtimes

I understand you would like to get the most for your money. However, a three-year-old shouldn’t be staying up until 9 p.m. Tomorrow he will just be cranky and likely ruin your day.

When a Tantrum Is Being Thrown By a Toddler

My favourite trick is to remain calm, get down to their level, and being to talk to them very softly. It results in them quieting down so they are able to hear me.

Stop Coddling

Allow him to cry things out in his crib. If she doesn’t like the food that you are serving, don’t cook a separate meal just for her. And when they start to whine, never give in.