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5 Things HGV Drivers Wish Car Drivers Knew

Unless you have been behind the wheel of an HGV, as an average driver, you might not have an idea of how to control one. Most people complain about HGVs. Actually, most of the stories in the limelight don’t paint HGVs in a good light. However, HGV driver training drivers face a lot of challenges. Here are top 5 things that HGV drivers wish average car drivers knew.

HGVs Are Difficult To Manoeuvre

It might seem obvious but most drivers become impatient when an HGV blocks traffic for a few minutes when trying to manoeuvre their trailers. Yes, HGV drivers understand your frustration but any average car driver should understand that it is an 18-metre vehicle weighing up to 40 tonnes. Even worse, HGVs have limited visibility around tight corners.

An experienced HGV driver will have an easier time manoeuvring the vehicle. However, it still takes some time to do a safe manoeuvre. Therefore, as an average car driver, you need to give an HGV driver some space when doing a manoeuvre and trust that they will be out of the way as soon as possible.

HGV’s Take Longer To Brake Than Cars

When you are driving in front or behind an HGV, you should know that they take longer to brake. Yes, you might be able to stop quickly in a regular car, especially at 100 feet. However, a fully loaded HGV will require at least 3 times the distance to brake.

Therefore, if you are driving in front of a HGV, you need to pay attention to the road. If you have to make a quick emergency stop, make sure you are not in front or behind any HGV because it might lead to serious problems. Note that, this is often the major cause for most motorway crashes. If there is an HGV, make sure you brake in good time. Also, you need to be patient when an HGV slows down at roundabouts and intersections.

HGV’s Speed Is Regulated

If you have looked closely, you must have noticed that HGVs have little signs at the back saying that speed is regulated at 70. These signs mean that the vehicle can’t go faster than 70 miles per hour with electric limiters. That’s why most HGVs are in the far-left hand lane of most motorways.

A lot of regular drivers are often frustrated when following behind an HGV because of these speed limits. You should know that the vehicle is not slowing you down, it’s simply because it can’t go any faster.

HGV Drivers Can’t See As Much As You Think

Due to the size of an HGV, the drivers have a very limited field of vision. They have to pay attention when on the road and be on the lookout for other drivers on the road. Pedestrians and other road users need to make sure they are easily visible. They should not get in the way of an HGV that has limited visibility.

Everyone Can Use The Road

A recent survey identified that most average road users don’t have the patience with HGV drivers as they do with other road users. Remember, HGV drivers are just doing their jobs and are not trying to inconvenience anyone. Therefore, average drivers should employ the same patience with HGV drivers as they do with other road users.