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Things HGV Drivers Wish Car Drivers Knew

The truth is, the average motorist has no idea what it’s like driving an HGV. A lot of people on the road will make their complaints about them, but they don’t know what it’s like. Unfortunately, the media doesn’t do a good job of painting HGV driver training drivers in a good light either. However, the challenges that they are faced with are beyond comprehension unless you experience it yourself. Here are some of the things that HGV drivers want the other motorists to know.

The Vehicles Are Extremely Difficult To Drive

This is something that you would assume is fairly obvious, but it’s not. The average driver in the UK gets very impatient when an HGV driver is blocking traffic even for a couple of minutes at a time to position their vehicle properly. We know that it’s frustrating having to wait, but keep in mind that these drivers are moving an 18-metre vehicle that is as many as 40 tonnes in weight. Add to this the limited visibility they offer and you have a vehicle that is extremely difficult to get around. While an experienced driver is going to have an easier time with it, no amount of experience is going to make it easy. Therefore, as a fellow driver, be willing to give the requisite space and time needed to their job safely. No driver wants to be in your way.

HGV’s Require More Brake Time Than Average Cars

This is another point that should be fairly obvious, but it’s still important to mention. This is something that is going to be very important to understand when you are on the road with an HGV driver. You might have an easy time stopping on the dime, that’s not something that you should expect with an HGV driver. A fully loaded HGV is going to require a minimum of 3 times the distance that you would be able to stop with. Therefore, if you find yourself driving in front of an HGV, do not stop abruptly. This can end up causing an accident. This can be one of the major causes of one. Therefore, when you see an HGV driver, you are going to want to give plenty of time to the driver behind you to slow down.

An HGV Driver’s Speed Is Regulated

Have you ever looked at the back of an HGV? Have you noticed that some of the vehicles have speed regulation signs? This is because they have them in place. Some vehicles aren’t able to go greater than 70 mph. These vehicles are limited by electronic limiters. This is typically why you’ll find that they stay on the left-hand side of motorways. A lot of drivers end up getting extremely frustrated with HGV’s but they don’t understand that they are going as fast as they can.

We Can’t See Everything

Believe it or not, but an HGV driver isn’t going to be able to see as much as you might assume. After all, they are driving extremely large vehicles. The drivers of these vehicles are going to have limited vision. An HGV driver needs to be paying close attention to everything around them and they need to constantly be looking out for other vehicles and drivers at all times. However, bystanders and other driver’s need to ensure that they are doing everything possible to make themselves easily seen.

The Road Is Shared By Everyone

The average driver in the UK is frustrated with the way commercial driver’s use the road. Unfortunately, these driver’s don’t understand that the road is used by everyone. You need to have the patience to deal with a professional driver that is doing it for their occupation. An HGV driver is only doing what they have to live. They aren’t trying to get in your way or to inconvenience you at all. Keep this in mind the next time you get frustrated at an HGV driver.