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A Guide To Anime Voice Over

Anime voice over jobs are certainly a specialised area within the industry. This post forms part of the series on how to become a voice actor. Please see Voice Fairy for all voiceover needs!

In the world of anime, there is a difference in understanding the process of becoming a voice over actor and in actually being a success in the same world. It is true that Japanese storytelling has to be among the most historical traditions known to man, however, the Western World has only taken an interest in manga and anime in recent times. A lot of the biggest, as well as the most renowned anime, were born from the famous Studio Ghibli.

Just a handful of the famous anime films which were produced by Studi Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki are Castle In The Sky, Spirited Away and Kiki’s Delivery Service. Nowadays there is a new generation that is embracing stories that children in Est-Asia have loved for many years. In fact, the current success of the Big Hero 6 franchise which is based on Haruki Ueno’s Japanese movie, Baymax, is certainly proof of this.

There is going to be a growing demand for voice actors in the world of anime, as anime series, anime films and comic books are being translated more and more into English, this means that aspiring voice actors are sure to have an interest in getting anime voice over jobs.

What’s Needed To Get An Anime Voice Over Job?

It is true that the majority of successful voice actors who work in anime began their careers as voice actors who didn’t have specific training in the field of anime, that being said, they did all have various things in common. These included the ability to be able to take on and maintain a certain character, a good vocal range, and acting experience. After all, a voice actor is indeed a real actor.

Most voice actors who work in the industry today have acting backgrounds. Anime studios are attracted to such individuals since they already have acting skills. If you really want to get the audition you are aspiring towards, these are the skills that you need to learn and practice.

Formal education is not normally a requirement for actors or voice actors. The first thing that an aspiring anime actor should do is get well-acquainted with anime. Embrace the typical big films, the anime series, and start to understand the genres. It is crucial to really listen and think about the way that the anime voice actor is making the voices.

One of the big challenges that comes with being an anime voice over includes the need to use a lot of screaming and a wide vocal range. Voice actors who have had traditional training know what they have to do to give a full-body performance which gives life to the voice behind the anime. Since all roles are unique it is vital that actors keep training and learning so that they constantly develop new skills.

Below is a useful list that will aid you in learning about the many voice actors who are in the world of anime.

  1. Work On Voice Development
    Voice actors need to have a focus on their vocal skills. When an actor can voice several characters in one show they will often be selected over other actors. This means that you need to develop your voice to be able to use different accents, dialects, and so forth. To do this you must study characters in anime and work out where the balance lies between an original performance and the character expectations.

Take the time to listen to popular anime and then record small excerpts. Do not just replicate what you hear but put your own unique voice into it. You are looking for a voice that is original, yet stays true to character and story.

  1. Get Good Representation
    It is hard to get into anime acting. You can approach the studio yourself or you can use representation. Make up a demo tape that shows the skills that you have as a voice actor, giving extra attention to your skills in anime. The tape should not exceed three minutes and needs to run like short scenes from anime. Make sure that you use different voices so that your range can be clearly heard.