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How to Become a Web Designer

With more and more businesses realizing the value of doing their ventures online and consumers turning to the web for information and shopping, websites are more important than ever. This makes web design a lucrative venture for those with a passion for this field. But just what does it take to become a web designer? This read will provide just what you need to become one.

Learn Web Design Theory

Your journey to becoming a web designer begins with learning web design theory. There are several foundational principles for making ideal websites, including color theory, user experience, and structure.

Luckily, there are several ways to learn web design theory and it comes down to your needs and time. The most popular method nowadays is attending a web design course or boot camp. Web design boot camps are short programs that take beginners in technology and design and convert them into web designs that can handle a job in about 3 months of full-time study. However, if you are strapped for time, you can attend part-time classes as well. However, it will take longer to become job-ready.

Also, there are numerous tutorials out there, particularly on YouTube which are offered for free. They provide a chance for you to determine whether this field is really for you before committing. You can also enroll for free courses on platforms such as Coursera.

Getting acquainted with web design is different from other forms of theoretical studies as this field is always changing. That is why a great web designer should commit to continuous learning to stay abreast of the current trends. As a site point check out ‘ecommerce site development‘.

Learn Essential Web Design Tools

Before you can get into the web design game, it is also important to learn a few essential web design tools. There are numerous powerful tools and programs out there and so, you have the chance to pick one that best meets your needs and skills. We are in an era where web designers have all the tools they need to build functional and appealing sites without too much hassle.

To become an excellent web designer, consider learning the following:


This is the OG of all web design skills and it’s still popular. Given it powers 27% of all websites on the Internet, it goes without saying that you need to get acquainted with it. WordPress has numerous themes and plugins that allow even newbies to build, edit and optimize great websites.


As a web designer, you need to be in a position to make appealing and creative images. Photoshop is a popular and very powerful program that allows you to bring your ideas to life.

Other tools you may want to learn before accepting a job include InVision Studio, Sketch, and Dreamweaver.