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The Importance of Product Design in Sales and Marketing

If you look at Desktops and Laptops, under the hood, they are basically personal computers, only with varying designs. However, in the past several years, we have seen the Desktop market rapidly decline as that of laptops substantially increase. All this can be attributed to the simple concept of changing product design.

Product design is vital for brands or companies as it differentiates one organization from the next. We’ll always differentiate Killer jeans from Levi’s jeans, simply because of the differences in product design.

Simply put, product design is the manner in which you arrange the benefits and features of a product to be presented to the end-user. Keep in mind the design can be an advantage in itself. A good example is the introduction of the Walkman by Sony. Almost everyone used to listen to the Boom box, but after the introduction of the Walkman, the trend instantly took a shift.

It was simply a change in product design involving a slightly different technology. A few decades later, Apple changed the product design by introducing the iPod, which again took the music market by storm. Today, it is quite evident that smartphones have the lion’s share when it comes to listening to music. All this can again be attributed to a shift in the products’ design.

What’s the Importance of Product Design in Marketing?

There are many reasons why product design is important for a company in regard to marketing.

In comparison to the competition, if you have a superior product design, your product will stand out, giving you an edge in the market. Product design is a big crowd pull, particularly in technology industries such as Smartphones and laptops.

Even in heavy machinery, product design plays a vital role as it can be the difference between chaos and efficiency. It comes in varying forms, and the better the design is accepted over time, the better the brand’s performance.

Nokia, for example, is a brand that was built primarily on the ”User-friendly Phones” feedback. This was nothing more than implementing good product design.

Packaging also plays a vital role in product design as it’s the final point of influence and this is the last sales point. Ideal packaging employed in product design can make a world of a difference.

As we can see, product design plays a crucial role in differentiating the product from the competition.

Also, it is imperative to consider the return on investment when debating on product design. A good example s the VILLA wifi appliance launched by Sony. It was intended to give users access to the internet, but due to its weight and inability to be picked when needed, its acceptability went down as it wasn’t user friendly. It failed in just a few months. If you are looking for a product design consultancy then see here.

How Does Product Design Influence Consumer Behaviour?

There is no denying that product design has a major influence on consumer behaviour. Brands such as Rolls Royce, Gucci, Louis Vuitton are all built on the basis of product design.

These brands provide features that you will not come across anywhere else. As such, a company that invests more in product design and also involves consumers in the design process is likely to be chosen more than the competitors and ultimately have a higher return on investment.