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How To Refurbish Alloy Wheels

When it comes to refurbishing alloy wheels, it is best to get it done by a professional. In order to get started, the tyres will have to be extracted from the wheels. Then, the finish that is already on the wheels will need to be removed or stripped before anything else can be done. This is necessary so that the new finish can be sprayed on and actually stick to the surface. Also the wheel needs to be inspected so that if it has any damages, they can be identified and then fixed. In order for the wheels to be stripped, an approved chemical has to be used so that the wheel doesn’t get damaged.


After the wheels have been stripped, they need to be blasted. This will remove any remaining debris or finish. It will also get rid of rust and corrosion that may be on the wheel. It will also help prepare the wheel so that it can be refurbished. There may be holes or scuffs on the wheel and these will need to be repaired. The wheel may have only light scuffs and these can be easily fixed by rubbing them down. If the wheel has bigger holes or gashes, then in order to fix them they will need to be filled and sanded in a similar manner when doing bodywork on a car. Car body repair shops can help fix small scuffs on wheels similarly to other scuffs on a car.


Once the wheel is completely stripped, cleaned and smoothed, then the base coat will need to be applied. In the vast majority of cases, a metallic (silver) paint is utilized. Do note that in order to apply this paint, you need to be somewhat skilled in the process. In order to become skilled, a great deal of practice is recommended.

When painting the wheel, it needs to be done in a clockwise fashion. Professionals will typically start at the 6 o’clock point and then paint from the middle of the wheel around to the wheel’s rim. This is done continuously until the professional returns to the beginning point.

Refurbish Your Wheels Using A Professional

The entire process of painting a wheel is quite tiresome. The main reason is because the wheels are not flat and have lots of curves. Therefore, it would be difficult for a person who is not skilled to do so. An inexperienced person will have problems with the paint running, spotting or even being applied too thickly in certain areas of the wheel.

Therefore, it is essential that a skilled professional paints the wheels so that the finish is smooth without any of the problems mentioned previously. An infra-red light is usually used in order to dry the initial base coat on the wheel. After this is done and dried, clear lacquer is then applied to the wheel. This will ensure that the paint remains looking great and is the last step in refurbishing the vehicle’s wheels.

It is possible to refurbish your wheels in various colours. Some of the options that you can select from include metallic black and anthracite, satin black, cream, gold etc. However, keep in mind that the cheapest option would be the standard colours such as the metallic silver. By refurbishing your alloy wheels, you will save money since they are cheaper than buying new wheels. It will not only cost you less money but make your car look better.

Be sure to continue reading and learning more on refurbishing alloy wheels.