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Top Tips To Improve Retention For Your Mobile App

You can ask anyone who has been involved with the SEO industry if you can manipulate the rankings anymore and they’ll tell you that those days are in the rearview. Nowadays, the algorithms that search engines use are far too advanced. Because of this, it’s not something that you should even attempt to do. Not only does it not work, but you could end up risking your website entirely as they will punish you for attempting to game the system. Instead, to rank well, you will need to have a quality site that has relevant content. This is the same thing that you’ll need if you want a mobile app to rank well. If you need a mobile app development agency London then please see here.

The Google Play Store is one of the most widely used app stores out there. After all, it’s installed on virtually every Android device. It uses the same kind of algorithm to ensure that all of the high-quality apps are positioned towards the top of the organic rankings. That way, their users have a good experience with using the store. However, you might be wondering how they go about ranking the various apps. If you need an app, Apptaura can help.

Right now, the ranking system can essentially be narrowed down to which apps have the best retention. This is classified as someone that has been using an app after 30 days. If an app can keep someone using it past 30 days, they enjoy using the app. The majority of people will uninstall apps that aren’t providing them with a good experience by the 30-day mark. Therefore, Google will rank apps highly if they are retaining a lot of users.

While this system used to be dominated by ratings, that’s no longer the case. This is for several reasons. One is that a lot of app developers tried to game the system to create fake reviews. By using retention as the main ranking signal, it helps them drive up the organically well-performing apps. Wondering how to go about boosting your retention efforts for your app?

  1. Make Your App User-Friendly

One of the main things you should be doing is looking to create an extremely user-friendly app. The user-friendliness of your app is how intuitive it is. You want an app that can be used instinctively by others. You don’t want an app that needs instructions listed just for someone to be able to use it properly. A lot of developers make the mistake of thinking that users are going to want to spend time learning how to use an app. They aren’t going to want to. Not only that, but they shouldn’t have to. They’ll find a developer that went through different design processes to ensure that their app can be used intuitively without having to learn a thing. A good way to know if your app is user-friendly enough is by checking to see if people can use it without instructions.

  1. Creating The Right Expectations

A lot of developers end up failing because they fail to deliver the right expectations to a prospective user. Someone that downloads your app should go into it knowing what they want out of it and what they are going to be getting. They won’t be let down or disappointed if they go into things knowing what they are getting out of it. You want to create the right expectations for your users by telling them what your app is, what it does, and what it isn’t. This can keep you from targeting the wrong users who are much more likely to uninstall your app.

  1. Improving First-Time User’s Experience

You need to ensure that you are delivering a good experience for anyone who freshly installs your app. You need to make this portion of your app as frictionless as can be. You can do this by asking for limited information and by making the signup process incredibly easy.

  1. Inviting Old Users Back

You want to try to win back those who downloaded and installed your app before. Try to re-invite users back to using your app. Don’t be throwing messages in front of them all of the time, but you should be looking to incentivise them to come back.

  1. Keep Things Updated

If your app is all about content, you need to be updating new content regularly. If your app is something that people only use once in a while, try to add new features that would have them using it more regularly.