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Affordable Caravan Heating Solutions For Your Seaside Holiday

If the aftermath of Brexit has you longing for a British seaside holiday in Devon, Cornwall, Blackpool or Dorset, you might be thinking about ways to affordable heat your family caravan should temperatures suddenly fall.

Portable Electric Radiators

Caravans by their very nature are designed to be compact. This means you’re most likely seeking heating solutions that don’t take up much space. Thankfully, our portable electric radiators feature a slimline design for optimal space-saving and unlike conventional radiators and storage heaters, they’re easy to install and affordable. Furthermore, they can be conveniently stored away when not required. They can also be remotely controlled via our mobile app if you want to keep your mobile home free from damp when it’s vacant.

Solar Panels

Did you know that solar thermal panels can still function effectively on cold, overcast, windy days in the UK? They can provide your mobile home with lots of hot water, so you can save money on gas bottles. Solar PV panels are also an option but powering an electrical space heater with solar energy is less efficient than making use of hot water in solar thermal panels for space heating.


Depending on which area of the country you plan to take your caravan to, caravan awnings can be a great way to gain extra usable space for storing bikes and outdoor furniture as they provide some protection from the elements.

The Sun’s Rays

Sunlight is arguably one of nature’s greatest gifts. It’s completely free and, as long as all the curtains and blinds in your caravan are open, it can heat your mobile home up quite rapidly. Getting too hot? Just close the blinds.

Double Glazing for Windows

Just like traditional homes, caravans and mobile homes can also benefit greatly from an upgrade to double glazed windows. Such windows have great heat insulation properties and help to protect your caravan from the elements better than single-pane panels.

Keeping Cool

British weather can usually be relied upon to disappoint during seaside holidays, but occasionally we do get a few heatwaves in the UK. If you ever find yourself gasping for an ice-cold beverage and some shade, you don’t have to worry about our Economiser radiators adding to your sweltering as they automatically adapt to the ambient temperature, ensuring they never turn on during heatwaves. What’s more, an adaptive start function means that your caravan will reach your set temperature in line with the heating schedule you configure.


A large proportion of any money you spend on space heating devices and energy to run them will be going down the drain if your caravan is not well insulated. The good news it that caravan insulation is easy to install and there are many budget options on the market. An added benefit of a caravan insulation upgrade is that your mobile home will have better sound-proofing properties, which may come in handy at noisy caravan parks.

What makes Economiser and Vantage radiators the best choice?

The great thing about portable radiators from the Economiser and Vantage line is that prices start from just £395.00 and £260.10 respectively. The slimline radiators can be installed within minutes and Vantage models are available in low height designs, shopping around and seeing what is available from the Electric Heating Expert will be making them a perfect fit for any mobile home. Smart features, such as open window sensors, energy monitoring facilities, adaptive start mode, and remote thermostat control with a Vantage smart hub, make these devices ideal space heating solutions for all caravans and motor homes. Every unit comely with a lengthy warranty providing comprehensive cover for between 10 and 30 years depending on the model, ensuring your investment pays off.