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Getting to Know CBD and Its Benefits

Over the past couple of years, CBD products have enjoyed a massive rise in popularity. It seems that everyone is on the CBD bandwagon; from celebrities endorsing CBD face creams to athletes using CBD muscle rubs to mainstream media shining the spotlight on CBD and its many health benefits.

But what is CBD exactly and what should you do to make sure you’ll use it safely?

CBD is an acronym commonly used to refer to cannabidiol. This is an active compound that can be found naturally in the cannabis plan. The active compound is extracted from the plan and then mixed with carriers oils to produce what we usually refer to as CBD oil. It’s important not to confuse it with THC, which is a psychoactive ingredient best known for producing the “high” effect. THC comes from marijuana, and it also happens to be the second most common compound in the said plant.

After extracting CBD from the plant, CBD is mixed with carrier oil to create CBD oil. Two of the most commonly used carrier oils include coconut oil and hemp oil. It’s worth noting that different CBD products can contain different concentrations of CBD. This means you can choose the exact concentration according to your needs.

In the UK, the use of CBD has been legalised for some time now. The same is the case in many parts of the world. However, CBD manufacturers and retailers such as Sativa Gold must adhere to strict policies and regulations to guarantee that end-consumers know exactly what they’re using. In the UK, for example, CBD products must contain no greater than 0.2% of THC. Of course, this doesn’t mean simply putting a label on their products. The manufacturers must complete batch tests and publish them. Consumers are always advised to look for these batch tests to have a better understanding of the products.

Are there any benefits to using CBD?

One thing should be made clear, though: CBD isn’t medically proven effective yet despite the claim of numerous manufacturers that their products have treated different types of illnesses. But just because no medical research backs up the efficacy of CBD oil doesn’t mean you should steer clear of it. Countless users have reported benefiting from using CBD oil including relieving pain, depression, and anxiety.

Is CBD oil dangerous?

Since CBD products don’t contain large concentrations of THC, you can safely use it without fearing any psychoactive effects. It can be used daily without suffering from any serious side effects.

How to start using CBD

When you’re just starting out with CBD, it’s best that you use small doses first. The goal is to test your body and see how it reacts to CBD. It’s important that you observe how you feel each weak and then slightly increase your doses when everything seems to be working fine. After finding the right dose for you, just make it a point to maintain that level.

Searching for CBD products can also be confusing. You’ll find words such as broad spectrum, full spectrum, raw and refined. Below are brief descriptions of each category.


This category of CBD products means that the all of the naturally-occurring cannabinoids in the plant are found in the oil or product and it still maintains a THC concentration of 0.02% or less.

Broad Spectrum

This category is similar to full spectrum CBD products, however, they also contain other cannabinoids that may not naturally occur in the plant. Broad spectrum CBD products also have the THC compound totally removed. All of the products we offer are full-spectrum CBD. We also offer additional options for those looking for raw and refined oil.

Raw oils

These oils have high concentrations of the plant material, thus producing a stronger taste.

Refined oil

Refined oil is produced by extracting other cannabinoids from the CBD product. It has a distinctive nut-like taste, considered by many to be more delectable than raw oil.

The oil products we offer come in either raw or refined options to meet the varying preferences of users. Our full-spectrum face creams also contain raw oil along with other natural ingredients.

More factors to consider

As you do your research about CBD oils, don’t forget to identify all of the ingredients they contain and the effect each one produces. THC levels can differ from one CBD product to another. Other materials might also be added to the oil, thus reducing the amount of CBD and other cannabinoids.