NAPA – North Adriatic Ports Association

Rijeka - Modernized Port of Competitiveness and High Efficiency


New port facilities shall be developed in the western part of the port on the Zagreb pier (Zagrebačka obala), on the eastern part within the Brajdica container terminal area and in the ports Bršica and Bakar, outside the city of Rijeka, but under the responsibility and management of the Port of Rijeka Authority. Total investments in modernization of the port of Rijeka amounts to 190 millions of Euros which includes 160 millions of Euros from World Bank loan and 30 millions of Euros from Croatian National Budget. Investments involve construction of additional 300 metres of coast at the container terminal Brajdica and construction of additional 400 metres of coast and surrounding area for new container terminal at Zagreb pier.

The conclusion of extension works on terminal Brajdica is expected by the end of 2012 with the capacity of 450.000 TEU units. Meanwhile, Zagreb pier will be constructed and by that time a total capacity of container traffic is expected to reach 1.000.000 TEU which is five times more than today.

Key facts
  • 2,800,000 m2 total port area
  • 247,000 m2 of enclosed warehousing
  • 76,000 m2 of covered storage areas
  • 900,000 m2 of open storage areas
  • 3,300 m of quayside
  • 143,000 m3 of shore tanks
  • Max sea depth: 18 m
Key facts

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