NAPA – North Adriatic Ports Association

Rijeka - Modernized Port of Competitiveness and High Efficiency


The port is equipped to handle all types of goods at the six locations which include terminals specialized in containers, Ro-Ro, general cargo, cereals, conditioned cargo and wood in Rijeka basin, bulk cargo and Ro – Ro terminal in Bakar port basin, oil and oil derivates terminals in Port basin Omišalj and general cargo, cattle and wood terminals in Raša port basin.

The warehouse complex in Škrljevo offers wide possibilities for longer storage of general cargo, vehicles and Ro-Ro trailers, also serving to carry out industrial processing and finishing works of various commodities.

Key facts
  • 2,800,000 m2 total port area
  • 247,000 m2 of enclosed warehousing
  • 76,000 m2 of covered storage areas
  • 900,000 m2 of open storage areas
  • 3,300 m of quayside
  • 143,000 m3 of shore tanks
  • Max sea depth: 18 m
Key facts

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