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Rijeka - Modernized Port of Competitiveness and High Efficiency

Rijeka Gateway Project

Rijeka Gateway project known as a Rijeka Traffic Route Redevelopment Project is a complex development program which aimed at rehabilitation and modernisation of the entire port complex and improving the port traffic connection with the international road and railway corridors.

The objectives include rehabilitation and modernisation of the entire port complex, harmonisation of the development of the entire waterfront of Rijeka, attracting possible port users such as shipping or transporting companies, companies having factories in Central and Eastern Europe region and seeking investors/concessioners interested in the port related business at New Zagreb Pier under BOT or similar contracts.

Key facts
  • 2,800,000 m2 total port area
  • 247,000 m2 of enclosed warehousing
  • 76,000 m2 of covered storage areas
  • 900,000 m2 of open storage areas
  • 3,300 m of quayside
  • 143,000 m3 of shore tanks
  • Max sea depth: 18 m
Key facts

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