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Reasons to Love SEO & Pursue It as a Career

Whether you have recently graduated or looking to change your career, there are many reasons why you should be happy about pursuing a career in SEO.

You can use SEO for any business, doesnt matter whether your business is e-commerce, cleaning services, a car body shop or a dentist SEO will help your business rocket launch to the top of Google. For example see SEO for dentists.

It is the biggest driver of website traffic today

Many websites rely on Google for their traffic. There are some exemptions. There are some that get most of their traffic from social media. Search engines give service providers the chance to appear on the screen at the right time. SEO is one of the most important parts of a successful digital marketing campaign.

The broadest field of marketing

SEO is very broad. There are many different fields in the world of SEO such as insights, outreach, technical, content, and account management. Each of these fields requires a given skillset from literacy to numerously, multimedia to computer sciences, creativity to communications. There is a lot to learn in this field, making a career in SEO both rewarding and challenging, interesting and exciting.

It is specialist and niche as you want it to be

The field of SEO is very big enough for people to specialize in a given area. SEO teams, whether agency or in-house, comprises specialist members including creative writers, technical minds, strategic thinkers, analytical types, and great communicators. A web Developer can be seated next to a Digital PR Exec, and both of them working on the same goal but in very different areas requiring different sets of skills.

There is always something you can do

An SEO job can be well done but it cannot be a done job. It can take many years to get the site to a high standard because it is challenging. Even when the site performs, there is always something that can be done. Whether it is expanding the keywords pools you are targeting or making sure that it is aligned to the algorithm updates search engines tend to do, ongoing performance insight and analysis, or continuing to build links and drive ranks. SEO is an ongoing investment and there will always be something you can do.

SEO touches on all other channels

SEO is a very diverse channel, and there are connections to other channels across companies. From product and service to PR teams, social media teams, to commercial strategists, decision-makers to coders. You might even end up working with HR on optimizing their job listing. SEO can easily be at the heart of a large company. This is how important SEO can be.


Solving a problem in the world of SEO is one of the most satisfying things. If you want to solve problems in this field, then you have to be the expert, do a detailed investigation, and try a little bit of educated guesswork. It is highly rewarding to get things right and see a shift in performance.

Accessible to all because you don’t need any qualifications

While it won’t hurt to have a degree in communications, marketing, IT web dev, business, or any other course, but you don’t need them if you want to get into the world of SEO. Because of how broad this field is, you are most likely going to find something you like. To get started, show a little savvy and interest, and to progress in this world, you should always be learning, listening, testing, and learning again.

People working in this industry are always supporting and sharing with each other, trying to outwit search engines like Google. This is why it is easy to come across tricks and ideas. You just have to evolve with the industry.