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The Rustic Kitchen Or The Retro Kitchen; How Can You Get The Look?

Vintage kitchen designs are back gaining popularity. It’s actually easy to see why this is the case. They have that homely vibe with a good helping of nostalgia and invitation in the mix – since we are all at home more these days, these are factors that have become very important to us. If you would like to create a vintage style for your kitchen you may be wondering where to start. It isn’t just a case of tearing out a page from a 1975 kitchen magazine and replicating what you see. You need to kee the convenience and functionality factors in your design. The ideal vintage style gives a generous nod to different times and lets them all work together harmoniously. That is why we tend to see kitchen designs that are rustic style or that are retro in concept. What do we mean by each of these styles and what do you need to do? Please see Zen Stone if you are looking for a new kitchen!

The Rustic Kitchen Look

Many styles come under the rustic kitchen concept. Those English country cottage kitchens fit into this umbrella, as do the French farmhouse styles, it is true that they are finished differently from an aesthetic view but the features tend to be the same. If having a rustic kitchen tickles your fancy you will need to incorporate the key features and design elements.

What Are The Key Features?

Rustic kitchens have one very common feature; visibility. Open shelving is a big yes, as are stone worktops that are home to all sorts of kitchen accessories. If the idea of all that dusting fils you with dread you could opt for glazed cabinet fronts. The concept needs to be full of layers and detail to work. Try to choose cabinetry that has plenty of detail and worktops that are full of texture.

How About The Layout?

A typical farmhouse kitchen is large and spacious. The large farm table is now the wide kitchen island and proves to be a more convenient addition thanks to the added storage. By adding seating to the island you can maintain that rustic style. You will need to create a more cosy layout if you have a small kitchen and using ceiling height as well as floor space can help with this. Choosing a mix of free-standing and fitted units works well for all kitchen sizes and creates the right type of vibe for the room.

And The Materials?

To nail the rustic look you need soft furnishings to create a lived-in feel. You can sit natural materials alongside each other, such as wood and granite, to create a sense of elegance with minimal fuss. Having these materials side by side creates texture; something that all rustic kitchens need.

What Colours Should I Choose?

Rustic concepts need muted, natural colour choices. For a more whimsical look, opt for pastel shades, or for an earthy feel, choose creams or natural tones. Pairing the worktop and floor colours work well for rustic styles. A beige marble surface, for instance, will go well with pale wooden floorboards.

What About The Detail?

Details need to be abdunadant. Look for genuine vintage items, for instance, a crockery display. Use baskets, jugs and trays for accessories storage on the workstops. When you display functionality in this way you create a real country, rustic vibe.

What Should I Do With The Utilities?

You can still have your modern conveniences in a rustic kitchen! All you need to do is decide which utilities would be best hidden and which can step into the limelight. For instance, if you have a large butler’s sink you can highlight this as a feature. Then you may decide to have your fridge freezer and microwave hidden.

The Retro Kitchen

Are you all about that 60s pop-art era? Or perhaps you wish you were born in that glamorous art deco era of the 20s? These two key style eras are a brilliant base for a retro kitchen design. Make sure you have clean lines and choose the right statement features.