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Vehicle Suspension Maintenance – Why It Is Important To Have Your Vehicle Suspension Checked

A vehicle’s suspension is built for durability and toughness. They have been designed to last for long, handle the load, and last thousands of miles. However, these units may be damages faster if the vehicle hits potholes, rocks, cubs, and other obstacles. Furthermore, they do wear quickly if a vehicle is driven frequently, especially on bumpy roads. Heavy loads carried by heavy commercial (heavy carrying vehicles) place tremendous stress on the suspensions. For this reason, it wise and highly recommended to have them checked regularly. Auto Select can identify missing suspension parts, broken suspensions, and even those that have worn out.

A worn-out, broken, or ineffective suspension systems decreases a person’s ability to control the vehicle. Such a vehicle is dangerous to other road users as it may lead to severe road accidents. Low weight vehicles like sedan, mini-vans, and others have a suspension that is composed of a spring and a shock absorber.

• Springs – The main function of the springs is to suspend the weight of the vehicle above its axis. It allows a vehicle to bounce over obstacles or rough roads with ease, which reduces the force of the impact. This makes the drive to be smoother. Furthermore, they help tyres retain constant road contact and traction. The springs are heavy-duty and designed to last. However, with time, they break or wear out.

• Shocks – The main function of the shocks is to improve a driver’s performance or vehicle’s handling. This makes it easy for a driver to control the vehicle. The shocks are tough and build to last as well. But with time, they also wear out.

Some vehicles come with Struts. Struts are a combination of springs and shock absorbers. These units’ function similarly like the combination of both the springs and shocks (suspension). However, they will have a limited lifespan if they are not well maintained. Therefore, inspecting these units for damage should a part of your car maintenance schedule.

Because a vehicle’s suspension ultimately boils down to the safety of a driver and other road users. Protection is always better, and for this reason, you will need to be proactive with its care. Proper car maintenance and care will prevent accidents.

The good news is that car suspension issues come with some warning signs. Few warning signs include:

• The wear pattern of the tyres. If you experience an uneven wear pattern of the tyres, then chances are you have a bad suspension.
• The vehicles handling performance. This is another sign showing bad suspension. You will notice handling issues when you accelerate or while braking. During this moment, you will experience a drifting sensation back and forth.

At Auto Select, our technicians will inspect your suspensions both manually, visually, and using specialised tools. You should also have your suspension inspected, if you have been involved in an accident, no matter how small. Never postpone or put off suspension repairs. If you experience suspension failure while on the road, the outcome could be severe to everyone in the vehicle or other road users. In fact, without proper suspension repairs or checks, it is a recipe for an expensive financial burden and even long lawsuits.

If any of your suspension is faulty or fails, you should always replace all of them. Doing this gives your vehicle even handling control. Furthermore, when replacing suspensions in a vehicle, it is recommended to replace them with original equivalent suspensions. Doing this allows for better vehicle weight distribution and maintains vehicle performance or handling.

Of course, sometimes you may be forced to upgrade a vehicle’s suspension, which must be done if you are experiencing handling issues.