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Why is Performing Tree Surgery Important?

Trees are a great addition to any business environment, both in terms of appearance and health. Not only do trees help to clean the air around them, but they also enhance the view and offer a generally better environment to work in. However, with the autumn season upon us, you can expect a lot of dead leaves and branches lying around.

In case you have plenty of trees within your business premises, now might be the best time to think about tree surgery.

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What Exactly is Tree Surgery?
Tree surgery is a term used to refer to the repair of damaged trees, and this can be through the removal of diseased parts, strengthening the branches with braces to prevent further decay, and filling in cavities. Simply put, tree surgery can be defined as the process of making a tree “well” again.

This process is carried out by tree surgeons, professionally known as arborists, and it encompasses the full care and maintenance of all types of trees, shrubs, and hedges that are planted in an area to enhance aspects such as aesthetics and safety.

Why do Tree Surgery?
It is important to do tree surgery because of the following reasons:

1. It enhances the aesthetics of your business
If you have planted trees in your business premises, it is essential to do tree surgery, particularly during the autumn season. While the autumn months generally feel aesthetically appealing, when dead leaves and branches become too much, they can seriously affect the aesthetics of that area, particularly in professional environments.

Carrying out tree surgery helps to enhance the appearance of your business by addressing all these issues.

2. It provides a better view from the office
While having a good view out of the office may seem unimportant, it can significantly help to boost the morale of your employees, especially those on the upper floors, and increase their productivity.

On the other hand, poorly-maintained trees are an eyesore and can interrupt the view, causing an opposite effect. This is one of the main reasons tree surgery should be a priority.

4. It enhances sunlight exposure for the grounds
Who doesn’t love basking in the sun every once in a while during the winter and autumn months? However, when you fail to properly trim and care for your canopies, it can be a big hindrance to this. This is because the untrimmed canopies block the sunlight and can cause the temperatures at the ground to drop significantly.

Doing tree surgery will help to address this issue. Tree surgeons have a lot of experience taking care of trees and know how and where to trim the canopies to maximize sunlight without compromising on the tree too much.

Tree Surgery for your premises this autumn
At HRG, we have the capability to provide comprehensive and professional Tree Surgery services that will help to prepare your business premises for the winter and autumn months. We have a team of highly-trained and experienced arborists who can provide you with reliable and value-for-money services at your convenience, why not give us a call today.