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An Introduction To EMS And How It Works

Can you imagine achieving the effects of a three-hour workout in just 20 minutes? This actually may be possible. There is a new fitness method that is making waves called EMS training. You might not have heard of it yet. It is still very new so we will be providing you with a rundown of this style of training that is claiming to be the future of fitness.

What is EMS?

In training, Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a machine that generates electrical pulses to stimulate muscle contraction. You might be thinking to yourself, “Wait a minute, electrical impulses inside the body stimulate muscular contraction already!” Those contractions are heightened by EMS, which intensifies your workout in ways that your body is not capable of doing by itself. At Fast Track EMS your exercise is made even more challenging and helps you burn an increased number of calories.

How does EMS work?

You are strapped into a device that is connected with an EMS machine. Electrodes are placed all across your body on various muscle groups. The electrode pads are put on the bulkiest areas of your muscle and usually Velcro straps secure them (sometimes a vest is worn). After you have been hooked up to the machine, a trainer will guide you through your workout which has been tailored to your body. Then pulses begin to fire up inside your muscles. These workouts may be as brief as 20 minutes. However, it is claimed they can be as effective as three-hour sessions. Following a very intense workout, for your cooldown, the electrode pads switch into “massage mode” that allows you to reap all of the benefits provided by your training session and quickly recover.

What benefits does EMS provide?

EMS Training is a highly effective method for improving your level of fitness, wellbeing, and body image, in a much shorter period of time. Just one or two sessions per week are sufficient in order to experience results. EMS is used as well for rehabilitation purposes following an injury, for certain back exercises, and for joint-saving muscle formation.

Is EMS safe?

Reportedly, EMS does not cause pain, and anyone can use it, no matter what their skill level is. However, some users feel a tingly feeling at times, but it is not actually painful.

How frequently can the training be done?

Clients are recommended to use it one or two times per week. Following a training session, usually, it takes the body around 36 to 48 hours to recover. That is why it is not recommended to do more than two training sessions per week.

If EMS training is done on a long term basis, does it result in any side effects?

No, EMS technology uses low-frequency impulses that cause no harm to the body. Electrical impulses are stimulated by the equipment which is then sent to the muscles in a similar way that the central nervous system does. EMS training does not have known side effects.

Does EMS Training Have An Age Limit?

The minimum age is 16 to use this machinery, with no upper age limit. Sessions can be tailored by instructors based on your fitness level and goals by controlling each of the muscle groups and making adjustments to the intensity of your workout sessions.

If I have certain health issues should I avoid using EMS training?

EMS training can be used by most people. However, if you have certain health issues that prevent you from being able to participate in regular sports, then your doctor needs to approve the training. Unfortunately, those who have any of the following cannot participate:

– Diabetes mellitus
– Epilepsy
– Arterial circulatory disorder and severe circulatory disorder
– Heart Pacemaker
– Pregnant