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How The Recruitment Industry Has Undergone Changes In The Last Decade

Many things can change over 10 years and due to technology several industries and sectors have experienced significant changes. This has resulted in some becoming obsolete, many growing, and a few undergoing a complete transformation. Please see Abstract Creative Studio for all your web design needs.

Recruitment is one of the industries that have been affected greatly by technology. While many believed that social media websites and online-based job boards would be the end of the road for many recruitment agencies, these changes actually assisted them to grow even faster. Here are some of the ways that the recruitment sector has undergone changes in the last decade.

Recruitment Is Much Faster

In previous years, recruiting individuals into roles used to be an arduous and long task. The sole way to connect with and communicate between candidates and clients was through landline or post. With many people working during business hours, this often made it a complex task to coordinate interviews, make negotiations, and collect feedback during an offer stage. The starting dates were also frequently delayed due to contracts and offer letters that were first posted and signed before the documents could be returned to an employer.

Today, thanks to emails and mobile phones, it is much easier to contact people at any time of the day. Offer letters and contracts are also easy to email and sign off in minutes, which is why it is much more common for a candidate to start a new job almost immediately.

Larger Talent Pools

Before the age of technology, the recruitment agencies were only able to use the candidates that visited their offices in order to register. This also meant that they relied entirely on a database of their own, which also meant that if no suitable candidates were on their records or books, the agency would most likely lose to a competitor.

Today, recruiters have immediate access to hundreds of candidates allowing them to source extremely high-quality employees. Social media sites and online-based job boards open recruitment agents to individuals and professionals that would not be able to access a decade ago.

Candidates Are More Pro-Active

When people searched for jobs 10 years back, their ideal option involved registering with multiple agencies and then hoping that one of these agencies would call them back about prospective jobs. This was not only time-consuming but also extremely limiting.

This contrasts starkly with the online-based world that we experience today. The Internet provides a way for candidates to gain a lot more control over the types of jobs that they search for and become a lot more proactive in the process. Rather than waiting for the phone to ring, job seekers can now apply for multiple vacancies, and in some cases, they can also contact the hiring companies directly.

Image Has Become Everything

One of the things that the Internet has provided is less privacy. This has resulted in companies and candidates having to carefully think about the way they are presenting themselves to everyone else online.

Candidates are advised strongly to carefully manage their profiles on social media since a potential employer will often attempt to find out about them online first before they make an offer. The sites like Glassdoor have also forced companies to give thought to how they are perceived by job applicants and their current employees since everything from employee satisfaction to pay is easy to find with a few clicks of a mouse or button.