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Here Are The Top Engagement Tips For Your Online Storefront

Even an attractive and dynamic e-commerce site will not convert your visitors into customers without the right marketing strategies. The right strategies will optimise your online sales and increase customer loyalty at the same time. This article highlights some of the best engagement tips to convert your e-commerce visitors. If you need a web agency then please see here!

Attracting a visitor to your e-commerce store is only the beginning of the sales process. In fact, as an e-commerce site owner, you want these visitors to buy your products than just browsing the site. You may have the most dynamic and most attractive e-commerce site, but it won’t help convert the visitor into a customer without engaging the visitor. Engagement is important to optimise sales and increase customer loyalty at the same time. Let’s take a look at some of the best engagement tips for your online storefront.


Cross-selling is a great engagement tip when done correctly. But when done wrongly, it might feel irritating to the customer. You can make use of a variety of ways to present product suggestions as part of your checkout process or follow up emails. For example, links on the product page, content personalisation, and search engine programming algorithms can be used for this purpose.


Although customers are aware of a lot of promotion techniques, it still gets a great return because everyone loves a deal now and then. Promo codes for free shipping are some of the hardest to resist when there is a time limit on the deal. It is best to prominently display the promotions on your e-commerce site and shout about them.

Social Media

Social media is the most lucrative place to display your promotions. Customers prefer to share the deals they love. It will help increase brand awareness and engagement for your products. There are many ways of engaging the customer through social media such as offering engaging content and showcasing the products indirectly.


Social media is a great place to create brand awareness and fresh content for your e-commerce store. Some storefronts choose to embed their Facebook feeds on their sites. If this method is too cumbersome for you, use other ways to provide engaging content to create awareness in future customers when they are not actively shopping. Non-sales based newsletters and blog posts are the best way to do it.


Communication is not about bombarding the customer with repetitive emails or messages. Build an open and two-way communication system to engage the customer in your e-commerce store. Effective communication will help increase your conversion rates and profits in the long run.


Make sure you get feedback from the customer. Your product page will offer additional content to the visitor with easy-to-view customer reviews. The best part about customer reviews is you don’t have to write them. Encourage the customer to leave a review every time she or he purchases a product from your online store. This will help with transparency and increase brand loyalty in the process.

Email Follow Up

Following up a purchase with an email helps encourage additional engagement from the customer. Whether a return, review, an abandoned cart, or additional purchase, follow-ups are great to improve engagement. But you shouldn’t overdo it since the customer may easily feel bombarded.

Guest Checkouts

The best communication between the business and a customer requires some space at times. When you facilitate a guest checkout with an option to sign up later, you will prevent alienating a customer who is pressed for time or headspace. The distance created here will pay you back with returning customers.

Customer Support

Visitors need help for many reasons. A pop-up chat function is a great way to do this. It works the same way as a shop floor assistant. But you should be cautious not to be too intrusive.