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The Importance Of Regular Lift Maintenance

Regular lift maintenance is crucial for any type of building, be it residential, commercial, or industrial. The lack of proper lift maintenance not only leads to reliability issues, but it can also negatively affect how the passengers perceive the building and its managers.

Through regular lift servicing and inspection, even the tiniest issues can be identified and fixed early on before they develop into more serious problems. Regular servicing and inspection also help to make sure that the lift continues to function as efficiently as possible.

For most businesses, a lift is a huge financial investment. Taking care of this investment should be a key priority. Once the lift has been installed and becomes operational, it should be kept in great working condition. The best way to achieve this is through regular maintenance. Companies often have lifts installed in their buildings to provide their customers with better access to their services and facilities. Thus, it is important to ensure that the lifts get proper and regular maintenance to keep the customers coming back to the business.

A well-functioning and maintained lift can be a very useful tool when it comes to quality customer service. It enables a company to create a reputation for itself as one of the few companies that provide quality full-range accessibility and also as a business that minds the needs of individuals with mobility issues. When a business can provide a comprehensive range of facilities and services, it will most often become better positioned to grow and retain its customer base.

Helps to Build a Positive Reputation for Customer Service

As a business, creating and maintaining a good reputation is often a continuous and uphill task. The slope is even steeper when it comes to rebuilding a damaged reputation. Thus, to solidify an existing hard-earned good reputation coordinated effort should be made. A leisure centre in Lewisham learned this important lesson the hard way.

Despite being built for £20 million, The Glass Mill in Lewisham couldn’t offer complete access to its facilities for customers with disability issues as a result of a faulty lift. With the lift out of operation for three weeks, most customers opted to visit other competing gyms nearby. After The Glass Mill had lost most of its customers in such a manner, it became incredibly hard for them to win back these customers. Had the lift being properly maintained early on, this would have been easily avoided.

The Benefits of Regular Lift Maintenance

While there isn’t a specific recommended number of times a lift should be inspected and serviced, regular lift maintenance will help to reduce the long-term running costs and avoid inconveniencing the customers. The frequency of the servicing sessions will often depend on how many lifts are available in the building, the amount of traffic, and the total number of floors they serve. All in all, by having potential mechanical issues identified and fixed early enough, a company can gain significant cost savings in the long run and also ensure that it doesn’t lose its key customers as expected when lifts are out of operation for extended periods.

Scheduling regular lift maintenance with a professional lift service provider is perhaps the simplest way for businesses to ensure that their lifts are kept in top working condition. By effectively dealing with this task, the company can be able to better concentrate on other aspects of business such as providing superior service to customers.