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Is Triple Glazing Worth the Extra Money – Find Out Here


In the UK, triple glazed windows aren’t as popular as in some other countries. However, triple glazed windows have been a standard fitment in colder countries such as Scandinavia where inhabitants have to regularly face extreme winter weather conditions. While the weather conditions might not have the same severity in the UK, the winters are still harsh, and there is also the question of increase in energy prices. Keep in mind that there are other solutions for insulating your home such as walls, floor, and roof but if you neglect the windows, it can result in condensation and cold spots.

Advantages of Triple Glazing & U-Values

Triple glazing offers a number of benefits for your home but you should know that all the triple glazing units available in the market are not the same. A variety of systems are available but in order to derive the maximum benefit, you need to ensure that there should be a gap of 16 mm between glass panes and it should be filled with argon gas. It’s an inert gas which is known to reduce loss of heat. Any reduction in the gap between glass panes results in reduction of thermal performance of the sealed unit until you want to use something like Krypton gas which is expensive.

Ideally, the most efficient size when it comes to a triple glazed sealed unit should include gaps of 16 mm between 4 mm thick glass panes and this is the reason, it is also known as 4/16/4/16/4 unit. The total width of the unit comes to 44 mm. If you start comparing the u-values of double glazed and triple glazed units, you’ll find that there is a huge difference between a 28 mm double glazed unit and the triple window unit. The u-value for a double glazed unit stands at 1.1 whereas the corresponding figure for a triple unit is 0.62.

Double Glazing & Triple Glazing Comparison

When you add an extra glass pane to a double glazed unit, it becomes triple glazed, but that one extra glass pane adds significantly to the overall performance of the unit.

This extra glass pane offers another barrier to the cold winter weather outside your home. The triple glazed unit also features an additional spacer bar, the glass edge of which helps in reducing thermal transmittance. You also get additional security with an extra glass pane as the middle pane is usually toughened.

A triple glazed unit also has marginally better sound insulation as compared to a double unit when same thickness glass is used. In most cases, triple glazed windows can get the A++ energy rating.

Triple Glazing – Cons

If you’re asking about the downfalls of investing in a triple glazed unit, one of the main problems I have come across with these windows is the external condensation on glass panes. This is due to the reason that the last glass pane of the unit does not get enough heat from the warm air inside the house. In case the temperature of that last glass pane goes below the temperature of the outside air, it reaches the dew point which results in condensation.

Usually, it happens after a cold clear night. It looks like light misting that begins from the centre of the pane which is the exact opposite of the place where condensation would have happened on the innermost glass pane. This is due to the reason that some heat gets transmitted through the spacer bar and the frame which keeps the outer edge of the glass pane warmer as compared to the centre.


Overall, triple glazing is much more efficient and there is no reason for you to not consider this option when you are changing the windows. It’s true that triple glazing is expensive but it is designed to future proof your home and you should be able to recoup the extra investment through higher energy savings in the long run. It also adds value to your home in case you decide to sell your house at a later date. Here at KJM, you will get a free quotation. Call us now to get quotation for ‘A’ rated double glazing unit as well as for additional upgrade cost of a triple glazing unit. If you are looking for UPVC Window Suppliers then Bill Butters Windows is the place for you.