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Some COVID-19 Travel Recommendations

CDC recommends delaying your travel until you’ve reached full vaccination status. This is since travel will increase your chance of not only contracting the virus but also of spreading it. If you aren’t vaccinated, you’ll need to follow the guidelines offered by the CDC.

CDC will continue to offer more recommendations as more people get fully vaccinated. They will continue to update things as more scientific evidence emerges and as more information continues to creep up.

Domestic Travel Recommendations For Those Fully Vaccinated

Those who have achieved full vaccination status with an FDA-authorized vaccine are fully eligible to travel around freely within the country (holidays in Borneo).

If you’ve reached full vaccination status, you’ll want to follow the tips below to continue to protect others from the spread of the virus.

During Travel

You should continue to wear a mask when you are travelling. You’ll need to wear one on a plane, a bus, a train, and more.

  • Avoid Crowds

You don’t want to crowd together. You should try to stand a minimum of 6 feet away from anyone who isn’t a part of your group. You want to maintain social distancing whenever possible.

  • Wash Your Hands

Continue to wash your hands as much as possible. You should be looking to wash your hands frequently throughout your travels. If you can’t, try to use a hand sanitiser that has at least 60 per cent alcohol.

After Travel

  • Monitor Symptoms

You should be looking to self-monitor after you travel. You want to isolate and try to get tested if you start to notice symptoms.

  • Follow All Guidelines

If you are going to be travelling from state to state, you’ll need to be updated on the latest guidelines. Each state has different guidelines and rules that you’ll need to follow.

  • No Need For Testing

If you are fully vaccinated, you do not need to go in to get tested after travelling. You don’t need to self-quarantine either. You still want to follow all of the given recommendations from the CDC.

For Unvaccinated People

If you aren’t vaccinated and you still need to travel, you’ll want to take some of the following steps to protect other people including yourself while travelling.

Before You Travel

You’ll want to get tested using a viral test at least 1 to 3 days before travelling.

While Traveling

  • Wear Mask

Continue to wear a mask when you are travelling. You want to wear one directly over your mouth and your nose. These masks are required on all modes of transportation.

  • Avoid Crowds

You should be using the social distancing protocols. You want to remain 6 feet away from anyone at any time. This will ensure that you aren’t putting others at risk.

  • Wash Hands

You need to be sanitising your hands often throughout your travels. You can either wash them or use an approved hand sanitiser.

After Traveling

  • Get Tested

You should be getting tested around 3 to 5 days after travelling. You will be required to self-quarantine for 7 days after travelling.

  • Stay Home

As mentioned, you need to self-quarantine. Even if you negative, you should continue to quarantine.

  • Don’t Put Yourself Around People

Try to avoid putting yourself too close to other people after travelling. This is especially true when you are around high-risk people.

  • Continue To Self Monitor

Try to continue to self-monitor to ensure that you aren’t showing any signs or symptoms of having COVID. Also, continue to follow all of the local and state guidelines.