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Give Your Brand A Boost Through The Bathroom Experience

The British public put a huge amount of importance on bathroom standards, despite the old saying about ‘spending a penny’. In fact, you may be surprised to know that a company can make or break their image depending on the bathroom experience that its clients have. Indeed, it is hardly surprising that the restaurant bathroom is now being seen as a brand-building tool.

That being said, you don’t need to spend a fortune to make a difference, in fact, it is often all about the detail. A few easy changes from cleanliness to design can go a long way to making sure that your customers – regardless of whether they are just dropping by to use the bathroom or are booked in for a 5-course meal – go away with the best possible view of your restaurant.

Make It Flow

We have an expression about not judging a book by its cover, but when it comes to bathrooms, we do tend to do exactly that. Your customers may not be dining on the bathroom floor but they still view the space as an extension of your restaurant; this means that they should have the experience that their journey from their table to the bathroom and back feels like one unified area.

You should use your bathroom space to reflect your branding as much as possible so that your customers feel like you really gave thought to their experience, not just when they are at the table. In fact, if you invest in a great bathroom design you may very well find that customers are so impressed they post their experience on social media, a great way to increase business.

Value Cleanliness

You may have invested in a stunning bathroom design but it will do you little good if it is not clean. It is true that you are unlikely to find customers taking photos to post on social media to show off how clean the bathroom area is, however, if there is a lack of cleanliness you can be sure it will be viewed as a picture moment! Research suggests that around half of people that use an unclean bathroom when visiting a restaurant will tell friends and family about it. Sanaway will ensure that standards are met and that cleanliness is of top priority.

You should view cleanliness as a fundamental part of your catering establishment. You can prevent numerous complaints by having a squeaky clean bathroom, as well as create a good impression in the minds’ of your customers, even if that impression is a subconscious one.

Make the Right Choice of Facilities

If you do not have the right facilities it will be a constant struggle to maintain a clean and hygienic bathroom. You may spend hours cleaning the floors but if the bins are overflowing that is the first thing that customers will see.

It is crucial to make sure that facilities are maintained and emptied regularly. The dispensers for soap and towels should always be topped up, showing customers that you have already thought of their needs. The last thing that you want for your customers is to have to chase a waiter to ask them for needed toilet roll.

Sanitary waste is an issue that faces many catering establishments. It is a legal requirement to provide a sanitary bin but it is the responsibility of the company who provided the bin to empty it. Make sure that you choose the right sanitary waste provider that will keep in touch and regularly and cater to your needs, this can ensure that customers do not have a negative experience.